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buy surgery suction device

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buy surgery suction device:surgery suction device:surgery suction manufacturer:
buy surgery suction device

The price of the operating room suction device is the most suitable price for sending from Iran.

Sales of portable hospital suctions are available for the General hospital and Surgery suction machine. Surgical suction device is one of the most important operating room equipment that should have after-sales service.

buy surgery suction device

buy surgery suction device:

All hospitals need to buy medical suction.
To make orders easier, you can always get the suction device from the factory door.
Sending suction device to Oman, UAE, Afghanistan, Iraq, Bahrain and other countries is possible through this.Imports from Iran reduce prices

surgery suction device

Sale of surgical suction is made in Iran.
Iranian suction has the advantage of using the support and after-sales service of the suction device.
Contact the factory whenever you need and easily experience after-sales service.

Warranty: 2 years
After-sales service: 10 years

surgery suction device:

Below you can see the full specifications of the portable suction:

✅High Vacuum: Up to -90kPa,-675mmHg
✅High Flow: 60lit / min
✅ Quality and price are fully competitive with European samples
✅Minimum noise and vibration
✅ Has a standard mark, ISO mark holders
✅ Licensed by the General Directorate of Medical Equipment
✅Smart sensor to extend the life of the device
✅ Equipped with Power Tuch button
✅ jar:2jar each jar 5Litr
✅Third jar: 200cc jar
✅ with foot pedal
✅ Upon request, the suction bag matches the jars
✅Application: operating room and all hospital, liposuction
✅2 years warranty, 10 years after-sales service

surgery suction device

Parts and sensors are available at the hospital suction to extend the life of the suction device.
If there is a danger to the engine, it is quite clear, both aurally and visually.
Here, if the file is sensitive, it can be set in a short time only with the user’s permission.

surgery suction manufacturer:

The image below is a disposable suction bag.
This Portable suction device has a suction bag And it makes the job very convenient for medical staff.
In all types of portable suction, you need to buy a separate jar for the suction bag
But this suction device has more economical and suitable services for customers after purchasing.

Delivery is from the factory door.
Packaging in cartons can be sent to all over the country.
We are ready to export with a monthly production of 1000 surgical suction devices.

To buy a hospital suction device, it is better to get more familiar with the medical suction device.
Buyers of medical equipment would like to know more about the applications of medical suction device to know whether medical suction can meet their needs or not?

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 BatisTeb company invites you to buy the best suction device

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