Consulting and ordering

Consulting and ordering

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Batis Teb Manufacturing Company entered the field of this industry due to the need for a specialized and scientific set of medical suction devices.
From the beginning, this collection has tried to produce products based on scientific principles with the best quality and competitive with modern products in the world. Therefore, by using the most advanced devices in the world, it has tried to increase the quality of its products in line with the features of reasonable prices and compatibility with the medical industry. Customer service is one of the main concerns of our business and based on this, all of our efforts are done to provide customers’ satisfaction and stick a good shopping experience in the mind of our customers.

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The best products of Batis Teb :

Electrical suction

Dental suction

Surgical suction device for hospitals


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Product Price List

Product NameDescriptionPackage typeStockPrice
Electrical suction-CustomAvailableCall
Dental suction-CustomAvailableCall
Disposable suction bag-CustomAvailableCall

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