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Suction :

Suction devices use a pump to create a vacuum. The vacuum creates a pressure gradient that allows fluid or other matter to be removed from the patient’s end and the liquid or matter to be collected in a reservoir. • Suction apparatus can be considered as a series of tubes of varying diameters.


Types of suction :

The wall-mounted central suction device

Surgical suction device

Portable suction device

  • Oropharyngeal suctioning: The most commonly used forms of suctioning in emergency medicine, this type of suctioning maintains a patent airway by suctioning the throat via the mouth.

  • Nasopharyngeal suctioning: An alternative to oropharyngeal suctioning, nasopharyngeal suctioning allows access to the throat through the nose. It can be especially helpful for patients with broken or missing teeth, serious jaw injuries, or any type of physical trauma that makes accessing the mouth difficult.

  • Nasotracheal suctioning: Nasotracheal suctioning, like nasopharyngeal suctioning, accesses the airway through the nose, but is reserved for middle and lower airway issues.

  • Suction through an artificial airway: Artificial airways must regularly be cleared of secretions and suctioning supports this goal. Patients with airway obstructions may also require suctioning through an artificial airway.

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