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dental suction device

Due to the need of dentists for low-consumption suction in water, we decided to provide a low-consumption dental surgical suction device. It is interesting to know that each water suction drains at least 4.5 liters of tap water into the Municipal sewage per minute.
We claim that this model of dental surgical suction device is a suitable alternative to other suction devices and completely covers the defects in the type of water suction, air suction and even in surgical suction! Dentists know that in the case of saliva, which is commonly used in the office, it requires less electricity. We have provided a separate saliva and surgery system in one device. This is a reason for low power consumption.

dental suction device

dental suction machine:

As you can see in the picture, the superior feature of this device is direct discharge to the sewage.
Also, the difference between this model of the device and others is in the suction power of the suction device.

dental suction device

Use this dental suction device for heavy surgery such as flaps and other office routine tasks such as wisdom teeth, implants.
The motor of the American dental suction device is gast.
Use the second hose for saliva mode.

Sometimes in long-term surgery, the device needs to be constantly turned on so that the surgeon can work easily. The case is also considered in the design.
Another feature, as mentioned, is the lack of an assistant to wash the suction device bottles

dental suction unit:

  • Stability in electrical oscillations
  • Silent
  • Multifunction protection in all system components
  • With the ability to change the color of the glass to coordinate with the office
  • Has a filter to prevent particles from entering the device
  • High speed uninterrupted discharge and transfer of liquids by drain pump
  • No need for plumbing and special changes in the clinic location

dental suction device

Dimensions of the device: 450 * 400 * 780 mm

  •  with American Gast Motor
  • Full audio isolation
  • Multifunction protection
  • Ability to store up to 6 liters
  • Has uninterrupted operation even during unloading
  • Electricity consumption up to 200 watts
  • Ideal vacuum power with an average consumption of up to 140 watts
  • It has 2 hoses for general work and surgery at the same time
  • With the ability to move with the help of wheels with a diameter of 7 cm hospital
  • Ability to adjust the suction power from 1 to 440 MPa in different applications
  • It has two trays with dimensions of 40 x 45 cm for placing surgical instruments and implants
  • Has a large tray for implant micromotor and the ability to remove the socket to connect the micromotor and
  • implant motor

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 BatisTeb company invites you to buy the best suction device

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